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The Company, set up in 2013 by three associates, enjoys a modern and spacious working space in Trani, in South Italy, near Bari. Ateliers Romeo srl is an innovative Italian company specialized in STONE construction, intern design, and WOOD joinery. From traditional to historical buildings as well as new building concepts. We have expertise in innovative and traditional stone construction, joinery, curtain wall cladding solutions for energy efficient buildings, and monument restauration. We work for decorators, designers, artists, and private clients. Ateliers Romeo srl collaborates with international Universities and vocational schools all over Europe, organizing training in our fields. The research and development is a fundamental aspect of our company. Ours managers and employees are continuously looking for new use of materials and new technics, in order to increase new skills. We develop currently constructions , ventilated stone and wood cladding, bio interior design using recycling products, technical structural solutions for innovative construction with structural engineers, flexible stone arch, unifying wood and stone, either in aesthetical than in structural meaning .


Brands : UHPS Stone tubes

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Nome dell'azienda

Ateliers Romeo srl

Numero di telefono

327 909 9856


Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 159
76125 Trani Barletta-Andria-Trani


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Contatta Ateliers Romeo srl
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