Dream is the driving force of the GIOPAGANI’s project. The dream of realizing a space in which you can feel at home. The dream to create magic and sensual atmospheres in which everything has its proper place, the right sensation like in a symphony of suggestions blended together between objects, containers and frames of mind. The dream to translate classical objects, recognizable and recognized in the common consciousness, proposed in a new and original guise, where contents and quotes wear a mask on the edge of the irreverence and desecration, where detail and tradition are revisited in a formal eclecticism that achieves a uniqueness. All this is GIOPAGANI world: from space to detail, from macro to micro, every element takes ancient and new meanings and contributes to create an extraordinary daily. Space becomes both the collection and mirror of he who lives it. Ornaments, tattoos and objects describe their own story, emotions and intentions, becoming at the same time subject and object of desire. This gives rise to the designer experience that goes from scenery project to objects creation. Gio Pagani architect vision gleans from different inspiration sources: fashion, graphic, art, photography, craftsmanship are unleashed in domestic and public projects, arriving at the interior fashion design line that has the name of GIOPAGANI Couture, in a continuous exchange of suggestions. Such is the origin of the tattooed houses, dressed sofas, embroidered tables, moulded chandeliers, animated by an unmistakable and unique creative flair. The eclectic contamination of GIOPAGANI creativity is seen not only in the numerous private houses in Italy and abroad, but in many projects found in retail, commerce, fashion and exposition sectors. In the fashion retail area he has numerous collaborations with well-known brands like Max Mara, Pinko, Diane Von Fustenberg, and in the interiors world Armani Casa, Cappellini, Boffi. The constant graphic inspiration has also given rise to the creation of original distinctive wallpapers. The tried and tested collaboration with the famous wallpaper brand Wall&Deco has given birth to innovative mural decorations, which can be customized and make all ambients special. Yet again the source of inspiration is multiple: cartoon-style photographic portraits, tattoos, pages from books, icons from foreign traditions bear witness to the cultural and artistic melting pot at the root of the GIOPAGANI world.

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