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If you are an expat living and working in The Netherlands, you might need to get used to the climate, food, uses of this wonderful land below the sea. You might have noticed how different is the housing market in comparison with your original country. Probably you might have had the feeling that your rental house or recently purchased property missed of personal features. What about asking for help to a professional expert in know-how, who's an expat herself? By getting to know you and your family, I can provide a customized solution to your housing layout. I studied architecture in Italy but I opened my interior design company in the Netherlands. I look at the interior on multiple scales. From the first impression to the smallest detail. Furbishing a house isn't just about carefully choosing pieces, but following a logic tailored to each customer. Because we are all different, we have different needs.

Servizi offerti:

Design degli interni, Disegno architettonico, Progettazione architettonica, Progettazione bagno, Progettazione cucine, Recupero sottotetto, Rendering 3D, Ristrutturazione cucine, Interior design

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Expat interior designer in the Netherlands who provides help with major renovations and selection of furniture & accessories.


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Francesca Foresi Design

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+31 6 82787721


1061BM  Amsterdam


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Contatta Francesca Foresi Design
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