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Discover Luci Italiane is an illuminating experience. It opens the door to a world of continuous research and development of quality, which combines design, art, architecture, knowledge and experimentation, Made in Italy and internationality, living and furnishing culture. A company as spokesman of the Italian distinctive features: research, imagination, discovery of beauty, in its most hidden forms and manifestations, finding it in the approach and in the choice of the most unusual materials, and revealing it with products and processing methods designed to revolutionize the space in harmony with the Environment. In this way, unique items for interior lighting, divided in two brands, Evi Style and Morosini, were born, created with the stated aim to reinterpret respectively the classical and the contemporary style, upgrading them with freshness and beauty of ideas.

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Vendita illuminazione

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Young&Design 2015 first prize for Mikado collection by Morosini, design Filippo Mambretti. First Prize at the VSL Award to GADORA collection by Evi Style, design Romani Saccani.


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041 595 1544


Via delle Industrie 70
30020 Marcon Venezia


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