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GBS Lighting has deep roots and nearly a century of history. The high level of craftsmanship of its creations, the quality of the materials used, and the originality and elegance of its lamps are its most typical and best loved features. It has a romantic and innovative soul that joins up with respect for a craft tradition preserved and handed down with pride and passion. For this reason, GBS Lamps are appreciated by a public attentive to design and on the lookout for the quality and uniqueness of true Italian craftsmanship. Chandeliers, pendant lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, lanterns, as well as sconces and ceiling lamps, light up and furnish every part of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the dining room to the bedroom, and the living room to the children’s bedroom. And, wherever they are used, there is the possibility of coordinating colours, choosing from a great variety of shades and finishes. All GBS lamps are manufactured entirely in Florence from wrought iron and decorated by hand.

Servizi offerti:

Vendita illuminazione

Zone servite:

Europa, United States, Japan, United Kingdom

Informazioni professionali:

GBS. Hand painted wrought iron. Made in Florence since 1925


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Dettagli aziendali

Nome dell'azienda

GBS Firenze

Numero di telefono

055 732 1170


Via di San Quirico 31 int. 50142 FIRENZE - ITALY
50142 Firenze Firenze


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Contatta GBS Firenze
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