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Carlo Carossio

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My name is Carlo Carossio , I am 41 years old and I was born in Italy, in Turin, where I currently live and work. I got the Secondary Education Certificate with scientific orientation, then I successfully attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and I graduated with honours. I studied engraving for three months at the Wimbledon College of Arts. I participated in an internship program for selected students from all over Italy at the Spilimbergo mosaic school. I am been working as a professional photographer for over fifteen years and I had the chance to participate in many group exhibitions and to hold two solo exhibitions, both for private and public bodies. I have worked mainly as an interior and a travel photographer for several national and international magazines, including The Plan, Ottagono, AD, Case & Stili, House & Garden, Interiors U.S., Case & Country and Marco Polo. I have worked for the Ente Nazionale Turismo Thailandese in Italy, for Aziumut Yatch, Vay Tessiture, DENSO Thermal System, Masi Agricola and many other companies in Italy. I am one of the photographers of DOS ARCHITECTS in London, a company that won the Renzo Piano prize with a project that was photographed by me. As for architectural and industrial photography, I have worked both as an operator and in the post-production. I have organised complex shooting sessions with several people and models, and I have also worked as a wedding photographer, specialising in fine art printing. I am familiar with creative still life photography, even though it is not my field of expertise. I have a good knowledge of English, both spoken and written. I have excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR photography and many plug-ins. I have a basic knowledge of Premiere, Blackmagic Resolve and Indesign. I am a dynamic, fast, creative and responsive person and worker. My main concern is that the customer is satisfied with my work but also that my photos can achieve the business objectives desired. I am comfortable working both in a team with an art director and alone. To see my works/portfolio, please visit Thank you for your kind attention

Servizi offerti:

fotografia di interni e architettura, industriale, paesaggistica, di viaggio, strutture ricettive e hotel, still life, video attivita lavorative e industriali.

Zone servite:

Piemonte. Italia, Europa, ho lavorato anche in Africa e Asia

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Contatta Carlo Carossio
Stradale Orbassano 2 presso EB design
10066 Pinerolo Torino
Costo medio di un progetto 500 - 1.000 €
costo a giornata compresa postproduzione, iva e spese escluse
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