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ITALIAN DECOR Irma Fiorentini

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Irma Fiorentini is a Mural Artist, Restorer and Teacher. She is also the founder and President of the "italian Decor Center", association that deals to divulge the Italian arts and crafts in the world through Exhibitions, Courses and Seminars on the history and philosophy of art. The Home and Studio of Irma is in the rolling hills between Bologna and Florence. For over 20 years Irma has created paintings on canvas for interior decoration: trompe l'oeil, frescoes, scenery, friezes and rosettes for walls and ceilings, as well as ornamentation for furniture. You can order a custom work or choose from the examples shown on the site. Colours and sizes can be adjusted according to your needs. Her speciality is Classical Italian styles, but she also offers designs in styles, ranging from Middle Eastern to Nouveau, Ethnic, etc.. The following decorators have collaborated on some paintings presented here: Pino Berti, Elena Savigni, Giorgia Fava, Grazia Barbieri, William Bernal, Louise Lovell, Maria Pia Malaguti, Sandra Serenari. Irma also offers Courses in Decorative Wall Painting and Trompe l'Oeil. Her courses provide an opportunity for beginners and artists wishing to learn the secrets of this beautiful Italian art. Overnight accommodation is also available within her country house. Her "Bed & Art" named "La goccia" is within the same building as her studio. Irma Fiorentini works in partnership with a range of other excellent Artists and Artisans, all of whom specialise in interior decoration and with a desire to offer Italian skill and expertise to an international audience.
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ITALIAN DECOR Irma Fiorentini

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335 534 8778


40036 Bologna Bologna


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