Over time, projects were created as the result of a sophisticated process of exploration, design and synthesis of skills, such as the 1085 Edition chair for Kristalia, introduced in 2015. An example of how an object so exploited in the world of design can still give new reasons for research and development. That study also exemplifies the philosophy of the studio under which the durability of the product has to be designed both in physical terms and on a psychological and emotional level. Products that can go beyond fashions, with an approach that, as Anna and Paolo say, is summed up in the motto "fewer products and better designed" to be filled with emotions and memories: they mark themselves, age, change colour, transform like a living being, carrying within them the trace of time, and this is their great charm opposing the disposable. Bartoli Design also prefers the use of natural materials such as wool, stone, solid wood, elements that bring well-being to the body and mind. Furnishing items inspired by the desire to connect with nature. Also thanks to this choice, more and more space is being taken within the Studio for design research towards sustainable products, in an attempt to minimize the environmental impact. Today, the firm's vision is oriented towards sustainability, with particular attention to materials and production processes used to create products that last over time, with a reduced environmental impact. Numerous products also seek to exploit the Italian tradition and craftsmanship, such as those for Laurameroni. Bartoli Design appreciates trying its hand at niche objects, such as the recent collection of handles, knobs and accessories designed for the Danish company Vonsild: small sculptures representing a happy combination of design, craftsmanship and research.

Servizi offerti:

Ampliamento casa, Design degli interni, Design sostenibile, Disegno architettonico, Pianificazione degli spazi, Progettazione architettonica, Progettazione bagno, Progettazione cantina vinicola, Progettazione cucine, Progettazione soggiorno, Progettazione taverna, Progettazione universale, Recupero sottotetto, Ristrutturazione appartamento, Ristrutturazione bagno, Ristrutturazione cucine

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Monza, Italia, Europa

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