21 Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV

La bellezza e l’eleganza dei mobili è determinata anche dalle tappezzerie con cui sono rivestiti. I tessuti per rivestire i divani, ad esempio, sono importantissimi nel definire lo stile e il design del salotto, stessa cosa vale per i letti e i pouf della camera, e per le sedie distribuite per la casa. La tappezzeria offre molte opportunità a chi abbia idee e fantasia. Si può scegliere uno stile unico per tutti i tessuti, oppure varie combinazioni, con tappezzerie diverse per ogni stanza, o un tessuto diverso per ogni mobile. Un tappezziere Contea di Clark, NV ti aiuterà a scegliere al meglio, puntando su un lavoro artigianale che donerà stile alla tua casa. Altro

Recensioni in evidenza per Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV

AG Upholstery & Designs
Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV
17 maggio 2018
“Extremely Professional with extensive knowledge of design. Their work for upholstry, cornice boxes, and drapery is excellent quality. I would highly recommend AG Designs to anyone.”
Regal Upholstery & Drapery Co
Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV
24 giugno 2015
“Excellent customer service, great workmanship and reasonable prices can sum up my experience with Regal. I had them reupholstered my 15 years old sofa and it looks and feel new. Very happy with the final product. They even came to pick it up and deliver it at no extra charge.”
Encore Upholstery and Design
Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV
12 novembre 2015
“Having worked with a handful of local upholstery shops has taught me what to look for in my vendors, and frankly what to run from. After finding Encore Upholstery through a client of mine, I am now a forever client of Encore's... from initial meeting to execution of design and finally installation, they are number one! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and most of all they have passion for their work. I have commissioned twenty or so custom pieces; from furniture to art, also upholstered walls and pillows too. There isn't anything Encore can't do, or won't do for their clients. I love working with Audrey (the owner) because she is so hands on. Finding reputable resources and companies to work with is like finding a needle in the haystack, I'm lucky to have found Encore!”
A Treeco Refinishing Cabinets & Furniture
Specialisti della tappezzeria Contea di Clark, NV
3 settembre 2018
“Garrett refinished 4 sets of columns in a custom home in Boulder City, myself and client were absolutely pleased with his attention to detail! Since varnish products smell, he set up a ventilation system to remove to exterior. Tented around the columns to prevent overspray as well. Very professional, shows up on time, gets the job completed in a timely fashion. You will not be disappointed!!”
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