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Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach

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1.622 professionisti

Recensioni in evidenza per Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach

ETO Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle6 settembre 2013
“I love the products ETO Doors offers. I have bought a few doors from here for my home and always have compliments from guests. They do have good products and very good quality wood they are using on their doors. I just picked up a new closet door from my daughter's bedroom and we both love it! Sometimes they have very random and unique items in their clearance section that is majorly discounted. I will highly recommend ETO Doors to everyone who needs new doors. Tony has been the rep that has always helped me at ETO Doors. I highly recommend talking to him.”
Today’s Entry Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle21 aprile 2015
“Today’s Entry Doors did a superb job installing our entry door and window. They were very helpful walking us through the decision making process of selecting an appropriate door, window and hardware for our house and our budget. During the installation of the door they discovered some oddities concerning the framing of the house that did cause some problems but they adjusted quickly and professionally. Their installer explained the situation and the solution to us very clearly and then returned the following day with the needed materials to finish the job. The dutch door has been a wonderful addition to the home. The retractable screen has worked flawlessly and we would highly recommend it to anyone. We love our front door and we enjoyed the process of working with their entire crew.”
Nordik Construction LLC
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle13 giugno 2017
“Arrived on job site as planned, completed work as planned and within budget. And completed work with expert skill and professionalism.”
PINKYS Iron Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle22 maggio 2015
“I was looking at entry doors and found Pinky's, wanted to see the door and it just happened that their wharehouse is 15 minutes from my house, I went bought the door , they delivered it the next day. Great service, knowledgeable guys, and excellent prices”
Malibu View Custom Windows and Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle14 febbraio 2024
“Didn't use them for a project, but they responded very quickly, and helped guide me in the right direction without trying to upsell me unnecessarily. Honest and trustworthy!”
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle4 maggio 2013
“We have been selling Plastpro doors for more than 4 years now and hundreds of these doors are sold in Florida so far. The best thing about these doors are that these doors are designed to last outside exposed to the elements which is very important in areas like Florida with severe weather. BHI, the distribution center in Tampa stocking most of the Plastpro doors that make the much faster.”
Ranch House Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle19 marzo 2013
“The service starts with the custom drawings and prices provided by their Washington office. They provide a price and drawing for your review in less then 24 hours in most cases. Upon acceptance it is about 5 weeks to have the door shipped across country to me. The doors are well crated and arrive in good condition. The product itself is well made and we have had little, if any issues with their workmanship. I have purchased well over 100 doors from this company. The California office has also provided us with technical support on their track and hardware systems whenever we have needed advice. I would recommend Ranch House to any dealer or homeowner and have their doors on my own home.”
CBW Windows and Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle31 dicembre 2016
“Has a construction company that likes to work with unique products + top quality products !. We offer CBW windows and doors to most of our clients they know how to create amazing products! We are located in the Bay area and Sam (Owner) making the process super easy even if we are 6 hours drive from them! If you looking for Custom made Aluminum doors and windows use CBW”
Besser Bros Garage Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle25 settembre 2017
“Excellent products and service, bringing our garage openers into the 21st century, we're having them back to upgrade 4 "Guest Artist" condos!!!”
WIN-DOR Quality Windows & Doors
Negozi di porte a Redondo Beach
Valutazione media: 4 di 5 stelle25 gennaio 2014
“Win-Dor installed french doors in my home. The doors are beautiful and really made to last a long time. The bright sun hits there directly and the old sliding door would let heat in. The special glass really keep the heat out and reduces the glare. My only pain with this company was the fact that when the glass was installed one had UV tinting and the other did not. It was slight but when we noticed we had to call and reschedule. They fixed it but it can be quite annoying when you have to make calls and make appointments.”
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