246 Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX

Qualsiasi progetto si voglia realizzare, c’è sempre un aspetto centrale da non trascurare: la scelta dei materiali che saranno utilizzati. I materiali da costruzione sono la materia prima con cui si dà forma a ognuno degli elementi architettonici e decorativi, sia che siano interni che esterni. Affidarci a dei fornitori esperti in materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX è fondamentale se vogliamo un lavoro ben fatto che non ci costringa a dover aggiustare o rattoppare in pochi anni quanto abbiamo costruito o fatto costruire. Che si tratti di scegliere dei materiali che vogliamo utilizzare noi stessi o che si tratti della selezione dei materiali da far usare a una ditta edile che lavora per noi, è meglio rivolgersi a veri professionisti dei materiali da costruzione, fornitori esperti che conoscano ogni aspetto dei prodotti che vendono e utilizzano. Altro

Recensioni in evidenza per Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX

Foxworth Galbraith Lumber Company
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
26 febbraio 2016
“Foxworth has served our lumber needs for years, and we'll continue to be loyal to them for many more years to come. They provide outstanding customer service and we've always been happy with their product.”
Archways And Ceilings Made Easy
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
6 agosto 2012
“If you have tricky ceilings or simple arches, Archways and Ceilings provide the solution. Their service is impeccable and Wes is one of the greatest guys to work with.”
Seconds & Surplus Building Materials
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
28 luglio 2013
“Their design center prepared the new cabinet installation, ordered the cabinets, and the tile department helped with the tile selection, as well as the grout and sealer needed.”
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
26 aprile 2017
“We love this gate! We have 2 of them. It's nice to keep the pets out of the room when we need to. The other gate we had you had to always move it manually and then try to fit it back to the wall. Just took up a lot of times. This is also a good weight that the dogs can't lift it with their nose. The one at the top of the stairs is nice b/c keeps the dogs downstairs and then if the kids want to go though they don't attempt to crawl over it - very unsafe! The are able to just lift it up and set it back down easily!”
Accoya Wood
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
18 novembre 2019
“We frequently manufacture joinery using Accoya, from windows and doors to cabinetry and custom furnishings. This is a top tier product with a beautiful aesthetic.”
Surplus Building Materials
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
22 agosto 2019
“I researched and looked at many places to find a quartz for my kitchen renovation. I've shopped here before and was lucky enough to meet Ivanhoe when I needed help with my kitchen counter tops. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the process. What stood out the most was he was personable and very proactive. I feel like this place is a hidden gem.”
Stone Legends
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
17 febbraio 2015
“Great Experience! The workers were knowledgeable and paid attention to the smallest details. They knew exactly how to transform our ideas into the final product. They were professional, timely, very friendly and honest. I would definitely highly recommend their services.”
Aubrey Brick & ClayStone Co.
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
29 novembre 2017
“We've had a great experience with this company. We've had fireplace and fire insert needs and they've always performed a quality service. The staff and owners are highly knowledgeable and are our "go to" people when we need help! They know their brick, fire and even have pizza ovens to go with outdoor kitchens.”
Appalachian Antique Hardwoods - Texas Division
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
27 aprile 2016
“We used Drew Baxter & Appalachian Antique Hardwoods to finish out our Mossy Oak Properties Of Texas office. Since we sell farm & ranch real estate we needed a sharp rustic look and were not disappointed. We added high quality barn siding wanes cot for the interior and framed our office sign in barn wood with poplar shingles for the base of the sign. We have gotten exactly the response from clients that we had desired...WOW!!! Drew was professional, creative and responsive throughout our project. Highly recommend their products and service...will definitely use them again.”
Ivey Lumber Sales
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Sachse, TX
25 febbraio 2017
“I have bought almost all of my lumber for our project at IVEY for the past 18 years. Micheal runs that lumber desk like it's his own. Personal service , great lumber, and customer service make IVEY my go to lumber yard in Dallas.”
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