202 Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK

Qualsiasi progetto si voglia realizzare, c’è sempre un aspetto centrale da non trascurare: la scelta dei materiali che saranno utilizzati. I materiali da costruzione sono la materia prima con cui si dà forma a ognuno degli elementi architettonici e decorativi, sia che siano interni che esterni. Affidarci a dei fornitori esperti in materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK è fondamentale se vogliamo un lavoro ben fatto che non ci costringa a dover aggiustare o rattoppare in pochi anni quanto abbiamo costruito o fatto costruire. Che si tratti di scegliere dei materiali che vogliamo utilizzare noi stessi o che si tratti della selezione dei materiali da far usare a una ditta edile che lavora per noi, è meglio rivolgersi a veri professionisti dei materiali da costruzione, fornitori esperti che conoscano ogni aspetto dei prodotti che vendono e utilizzano. Altro
  • Bathroom Renovation - Islington

    We are a family run business who look to take the stress out of our clients and provide them with a clean run in a...

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  • Accent Red Cast Brick Slips - Brick Cladding

    Higgins Wall Decor Store is an exciting online brand, bringing together a range of decorative building products th...

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  • Our `Products

    Seamless Abutment Solutions offer a range of gypsum based alpha plaster sections that are used to create a variety...

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  • Brick panels / brick tile

    We supply : *Brick Panels with and without insulation *Brick Tiles, more then more then 100 different colors are a...

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  • London Apartment

    Gaudi Decor LTD is UK's official supplier & distributor for Gaudi Decor high-quality polyurethane decorative mould...

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  • Shou – Sugi – Ban burnt timber cladding is a product we produce and supply in the UK. Our installation is a speci...

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  • Trading Depot is an online Trade & DIY retailer with over 55,000 products covering plumbing supplies, heating supp...

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  • Mauro Perucchetti Ltd is a family business owned by John and his sons who produce a wide range of unique recipes t...

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  • Leading the way in the supply of wood flooring, hardwood and composite decking boards and ceramic paving. Speciali...

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  • We Cut, Form and Shape Plasterboard We process plasterboard to allow it to fold and form simple or complex shapes....

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  • Reclaimed Flooring

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  • The Nicholls & Clarke Group is a business dedicated to the manufacturing, distribution & retailing of the finest b...

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  • H.G. Matthews Brickworks was established in 1923. We started by producing Handmade bricks in our woodfired kilns u...

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  • Property Services with over 40 years experience in small building works over a wide range of properties and areas.

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Recensioni in evidenza per Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK

Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
12 set 2015
“Have been dealing with Snippi Decorator for a kitchen and bathroom renovation and have been very pleased with their level of professionalism. They have provided me with timely and detailed quotes and proposed alternatives and ideas to the work required that were very welcome.”
Higgins Cladding Limited
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
17 ago 2016
“If I could give more stars I would! The best customer service I have ever experienced and fantastic products with support throughout. I highly reccomend Higgins Cladding!”
Seamless Abutment Solutions
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
21 mar 2016
“I have used the product on various contracts and would highly recommend this product especially the flash gap skirting detail in place of the standard beads that are traditionally used. The big plus for me was no cracking and misalignment of beadwork which causes lots of snagging. The product shows crisp and clean finish lines unlike the beads would always use this product in the future.”
Fourways ML
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
25 mar 2015
“Fantastic service and result. Jan helped us installing a brick wall and transform our living room in Limehouse from something white and boring to something with character! Installation was quick and Jan came over several times (as we changed our mind re how we wanted the brick wall to look like, so there were some iterations) to make sure that the project was 100% satisfactory to us. A very friendly specialist - recommended!”
Gaudi Decor Limited
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
9 mag 2018
“I chose Gaudi Interior mouldings to do some moulding work in our corridor and living room and I am very pleased with the result. Their engineers are quick to respond, attentive and professional. The materials for the work arrived a couple of days after ordering and they completed the work shortly afterwards. Would use them again.”
Shou Sugi Ban
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
7 giu 2018
“Should Sugi Ban are probably one of the best companies I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service. Karl is a superstar. The team has a real family vibe and they can't do enough for you. The timber itself is beautiful and arrived to site on the day promised. We enlisted the help of Karl, Cara and their site manager. Watch this space for some photos up on our page soon! Thanks Guys”
Mauro Perucchetti Ltd
Fornitori di materiali da costruzione Buntingford, Hertfordshire, UK
4 mar 2016
“It’s my pleasure to recommend Mauro Perucchetti as a premiere plaster within London. They are truly specialists in everything they do from quality product, to product knowledge and presentation. This is what sets them apart from the others. When you add their impeccable and personable customer service, it’s easy to see why people keep going back.”
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