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Sia che tu desideri vendere il tuo appartamento in città o affittare la casa al mare, vale la pena considerare di assumere un fotografo di interni. Hai sicuramente già visto su Internet le foto degli annunci di compravendita di immobili: quando la qualità è mediocre, la luce è insufficiente e le immagini a disposizione sono troppo poche per farsi un’idea concreta dell’abitazione in vendita, non esiti a ignorare tale annuncio e passare al prossimo. L’occhio vuole la sua parte e se desideri che il tuo annuncio attiri al volo l’attenzione di un potenziale acquirente, ti consigliamo di affidarti al know-how di un fotografo professionista San Francisco, CA che saprà come mettere in buona luce il tuo immobile. Altro
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Margot is a regular feature contributor/writer/photographer for Houzz. Check out any of the My Houzz features to... Continua a leggere
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San Francisco Bay Area Photographer Best of Houzz 2013-2017
Photography for Architectural Designers, Builders, Decorators and Real Estate Professionals. Services Provided:...
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Best of Houzz Design Photography 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012 Houzz award winner for Client Satisfaction &... Continua a leggere
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Greater San Francisco's Award-Winning Photographer | 9x Best of Houzz
Photographer for interior designers, architects & magazines. Helping clients art direct & style publish ready...
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I'm an architecture and interior design photographer Continua a leggere
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Aerial Canvas is a real estate media company serving San Francisco Bay. We specialize in producing stunning... Continua a leggere
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A San Francisco-based photographer with over 25 years of experience, Dean Birinyi brings a thoughtful approach to... Continua a leggere
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Who is Chibi Moku? We are the darndest hard workin’ little cinematography duo in the world. One a cinematographer... Continua a leggere
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photography of the built environment Continua a leggere
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It all begins with beautiful professional photography... photographs that sell. Architects, Designers,... Continua a leggere
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Russell Abraham is an architectural photographer based in San Francisco. For over 30 years he has photographed... Continua a leggere
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Award-winning photographer and journalist, Ramona d'Viola - ilumus photography + marketing, brings over 30 years... Continua a leggere
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Helynn is an interiors and architecture photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She creates clean,... Continua a leggere
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Agnieszka Jakubowicz is Silicon Valley-based Commercial Photographer specializing in Architectural and Interior... Continua a leggere
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Leila Seppa, Fine Art and Commercial Photographer working in the field of photography for over 10 years with a... Continua a leggere
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The ability to tell a story, to captivate an audience, to evoke truth and emotions without the use of words –... Continua a leggere
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I am a San Francisco Bay Area based photographer specializing in architectural and interiors subject matter. ... Continua a leggere
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Recensioni in evidenza per Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
Margot Hartford Photography
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Margot Hartford has been doing photography for my interior design projects for the last 12 years. She works quickly and efficiently and always manages to capture that special shot that helps grab the attention of new clients."
- Jo Ann Hartley Interior Design
David Duncan Livingston
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Not only does David have more than two decades of photography experience, he also truly understands interior designers' needs and how to show off their work in the very best light. Additionally David is an absolute pleasure to work with. His easy-going disposition and supportive attitude makes what can be a hectic day into a more relaxed experience. And the results speak for themselves."
- Adeeni Design Group
Michael Hospelt Photography
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"I am a designer, colorist in Marin, Ca. I pulled in Michael Hospelt Photography to shoot a job for me in Marin, Ca. Michael has an incredible eye, top equipment, showed up on time and was very efficient on the shoot. He made excellent suggestions and definitely knew his way around the camera and lighting. I also recommended him to a friend in Glen Ellen, who with her architect had just designed a beautiful, open and modern home on the hillside in Sonoma. Shots of this home can be seen in his portfolio. His rates were competitive and as a former art director in Europe, he definitely knows how to get the most advantageous shots of any given project. I highly recommend him. Keatin Holly, designer, colorist, sole owner of ARTFUL LIVING."
- Artful Living: Keatin Holly Color
Aerial Canvas
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Top-notch aerial videography and customer service. This company can help you create the content you need to help your business/product stand out and empower your brand resonate with your customers. Highly recommended!"
- Brendan Hsu
Dean J. Birinyi Photography
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Dean and I have collaborated on photographing every project in my design portfolio and many of those images have been published. As an interior designer, I believe it's critical to capture the essence of the design and to make it translate into photographs. It's the foundation of my marketing strategy: creating a library of beautiful images that tell the story of my work and that can be used across a variety of media, including my website and blog, social media profiles, and competition entries. Dean is able to first understand the intent of the space, and then highlight its best features. But what I like best about working with Dean is his willingness to listen to my goals for the images and to deliver them so beautifully. Shoot days go smoothly and efficiently, and the proofs are turned around quickly. I recommend Dean without reservation, and plan to work with him again very soon."
- Sabrina Alfin Interiors
Chibi Moku - Architectural Cinema - Photo - 360
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Run , don't walk to work with Chibi Moku. Josh and Natsuko are two of the most talented professionals that I know. Not only wildly creative, they're grounded and practical. Take your business to new heights with their creative marketing strategies, inspiring photos and riveting videos. Can you tell I love their work !"
- Interiors By Shelly Preziosi
McKinney Photography
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Andrew is a delight to work with, very detailed and professional. I have hired him for all of my professional photography for my Interior Design work. He is easy to work with, always on time, and meets all my deadlines. I love the way he analyzes a room and determines the best photographic shots and is amazing with lighting, he is creative in that he doesn't always do the obvious. He is a great collaborator and will show you the photographs in real time on the computer while on site which helps me stay in control of the outcome. He estimates his time and cost accurately. In addition to my Interior Design work I have also seen his exterior work, both architectural and in nature. He has an amazing eye and is impeccable about the final product. I recommend him highly."
- Jana Magginetti Interior Design
Dennis Mayer - Photographer
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"As a Real Estate professional who has been in the business for over 20 years, when I need a photographer for a home I am selling I always ask for Dennis. He goes "Above and Beyond!". Always going the extra mile, for perfect light, helicopter photos or nighttime shots. If I can't get Dennis, I wait til he is available. He is the best!"
- Maureen Gilmartin
Russell Abraham Photography
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"I have known Russell for 30 years and he is the consummate professional to work with. I think his greatest talent has been his ability to have the viewer feel as if they are part of the interiors, something I don't see in a lot of interior photography."
- Michelle Pheasant Design, Inc.
ilumus photography & marketing
Fotografi a San Francisco, CA
"Ramona has a great understanding of all the technical aspects that make a good architectural photograph. She can look at a space and know exactly what angle and time of day will make the space shine. She pays attention to all the little details and is also has an engaging personality."
- Rudabeh Pakravan Studio
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Cosa fa un fotografo di interni o di architettura nella zona di San Francisco, CA

I fotografi di interni sanno esattamente come catturare l’interesse di acquirenti e locatari. Grazie al loro know-how tecnico e alla loro attrezzatura professionale sono in grado di realizzare riprese fotografiche di elevata qualità. Per raggiungere il miglior risultato possibile il fotografo di interni prepara innanzitutto la scena da fotografare curandone i dettagli. Egli cerca l’angolazione e l’inquadratura più adatta a far risaltare i pregi della stanza e dell’arredamento e tiene conto della giusta illuminazione avvalendosi della luce naturale e quella artificiale. Una volta terminato il servizio fotografico, si passa alla post produzione nella quale il fotografo professionista sceglie gli scatti migliori e li ritocca con l’aiuto di appositi software perfezionando i contrasti, la nitidezza, i colori e la saturazione.

Le competenze del fotografo di interni o di architettura naturalmente non si limitano alla fotografia d’interni ma si estendono alla fotografia di architettura ed esterni, cioè edifici e giardini. In questo contesto i servizi del fotografo professionista non sono solo interessanti per il privato che desidera vendere o affittare il suo immobile ma anche per i professionisti del design quali ad esempio interior designer, architetti ed esperti del verde. Se dunque sei un professionista, puoi avvalerti dell’aiuto del fotografo di interni o di architettura per perfezionare il tuo portfolio e acquisire così più clienti. Una buona prima impressione non ha prezzo, vale dunque la pena investire in un servizio fotografico professionale.

Cosa va considerato prima di assumere un fotografo di interni o di architettura nella zona di San Francisco, CA

I servizi dei fotografi professionisti possono variare molto. Alcuni includono nella loro prestazione l’home staging, la post produzione delle foto, oppure una visita sul posto per farsi un’idea concreta prima del servizio fotografico. Assicurati di chiedere quali sono le prestazioni incluse nel prezzo prima di assumere il professionista. Naturalmente va anche verificato che abbia delle buone referenze. Chiedi ad amici e conoscenti che hanno venduto o affittato un immobile o a un’agenzia immobiliare di segnalarti un buon fotografo di interni. Dai un’occhiata ai progetti, al portfolio e al sito dei professionisti in questione per trovare quello che maggiormente corrisponde alle tue esigenze e gusti. Non esitare a comunicargli le tue aspettative e a informarlo prima dello shooting fotografico su dettagli relativi all’immobile che possono aiutarlo a scattare foto migliori, ad esempio il periodo della giornata con la luce naturale più adatta.

Trova un fotografo di interni o di architettura in zona di San Francisco, CA

Avvia una ricerca nella sezione “Professionisti” includendo il nome della tua città. Compila un Ideabook con le foto delle soluzioni che più ti piacciono e contatta il professionista che li ha realizzati. Ti consigliamo inoltre di diventare un utente attivo nella community Houzz pubblicando un design dilemma o un sondaggio: i professionisti saranno felici di rispondere alle tue domande. Quando avrai trovato il professionista più adatto alle tue esigenze, contattalo per ottenere un preventivo.
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