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Peter D'Aprix Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle25 luglio 2013
Peter is an outstanding photographer - he is truly talented and creative. I highly recommend him! - Tyler Brousseau ~ Ojai Valley Realtor
Denise Butler Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle15 dicembre 2017
Great quality, good eye for color and light. Denise is a delight to work with. She is very flexible and readily available. She delivers quality on time...every time.
The Wonder Ways
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle11 marzo 2020
Professional work, gorgeous photos. My properties are short term rentals and good photos mean EVERYTHING. One of my properties in particular is complicated to photograph due to its small size. She overcame the challenges and gave me a great product! Her work was beautiful, and I expect the photos will increase my booking rate. Very quick turnaround and fair pricing, including travel! Thank you so much!
Joshua Curry Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle26 novembre 2014
Have you ever had someone say "he just gets it."? Joshua is simply that, a guy who just gets it, gets it done in a stylish way that speaks to you.
David Palermo Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle29 gennaio 2013
If you are looking for High Quality Photography for your Interiors or design projects, working with David is the best idea. This is one of those opportunities to work with someone that is very detail oriented.
Jake Cryan Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle6 novembre 2014
As a general contractor, we know that capturing high quality, tasteful, and stylish images of our completed projects is one of the best tools to show prospective clients our work. Jake is able to provide beautiful images that focus on the best elements of a project. He has a great eye, is creative and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him and his company. Matt Arnold Arnold Brothers Construction, Inc. Santa Barbara, California
Eileen Descallar Ringwald Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle23 settembre 2014
I have been working with Eileen Ringwald for a few years for my Tiny House project, as well as other residential projects. Her ability to capture architectural spaces is better than other photographers. As a matter of fact, I hired another photographer to take photos of my Tiny House, and I found that Eileen's photos were better. Eileen is conscientious about her work, easy to work with, and also a good value for what you get. Check out her website and see the range of her work.
Chad Jones Photography
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle6 marzo 2017
As an architect who had interned in the office of a well-known, published architect/photographer in Texas, I thought my eye for compositions was decent enough. I strived for years to squeak-out presentable images using the modest equipment at my disposal. But recently, some projects have developed that deserved better documentation. I gave Chad Jones Photography the call, and he worked quickly and efficiently to produce multiple viewpoints of several aspects of the project, that beautifully feature the final product. With little or no post production, the images look fantastic, even better, in some respects, than the actual space. My client and I really enjoyed working with Chad. I highly recommend Chad for your architectural photography needs, in fact, I’m contacting him today for a new project.
Photography By Leanne Reis
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle14 giugno 2016
Leanne is one of the most professional photographers and the only one I use for my business. I have been selling real estate for 10 years and working with someone I can trust is very important. She meets with my clients without me sometimes and handles everything as If I were there. Her work is phenomenal, she's on time and pricing is very reasonable. I even use her for my own family pictures. Your expectations will be exceeded by hiring Leanne.
Real Estate Photography by Nathan Cool
Fotografi a Ojai
Valutazione media: 5 di 5 stelle20 giugno 2018
Nathan is my go to photographer for my real estate needs. I am a Realtor and have worked with Nathan for the past several years to shoot homes that I list (and always sell in part because of Nathan's wonderful photos). I've worked with other photographers throughout the years and Nathan has proven himself to be one of the best in the business. He is consistently outstanding! Nathan typically gets edited photos back to me within 24 hours of the shoot which I appreciate immensely. He has a great eye for how to make spaces look best and is always pleasant. I am a RAVING FAN of Nathan's and have referred him to many of my colleagues.
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