989 Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA

  • Are you looking to do a remodel, or addition? Or maybe planning on building a new house? We can help, here at Dav...

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  • Call them in-law units, granny flats, or backyard cottages, building a new ADU in your backyard or converting your...

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  • Glover + Graham Design Collective is a passionate design studio with over 35 years of professional experience. Ou...

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  • SDC Engineering is a full service structural engineering company located in California and licensed in several sta...

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  • With more that 35 years in the construction industry, Mark Greenwald is a Certified Project Manager and a designer...

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  • NS Designs is an innovative firm that specializes in an array of Ground Up Homes, Building Additions, Home Remodel...

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  • Will Hosband is Residential Designer and Construction Drawing specialist with 25 years experience with all types o...

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  • Designing projects all over the globe, we strive to raise the international standards in custom residential archit...

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  • Specialist in Residential Building Design services in all home styles. Do you need help on plans for a new home?...

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  • Shane Ames and Shawn Peterson team up to deliver vastly unique buildings and environments. Our design process is d...

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  • Tori Jones Design is a full service residential design firm that provides our clients with conceptual design along...

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  • Orohaus is a full service commercial and residential design firm that focuses on design, consultation, planning an...

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  • I am a residential building designer in the Newport Beach area with over 30 years of working experience in the res...

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  • Residential Design / Design- Build Residential Design with a unique process driven approach... High End Resident...

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  • Our mission is to provide authentic Custom home designs that celebrate southern California lifestyle. Aguilar D...

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Recensioni in evidenza per Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA

David Michael Designs
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
1 marzo 2013
“I have worked with David Michael Designs on numerous occasions for the past 4 years and find them to be, frankly, the best in their field at what they do. Always professional and knowledgeable, never failed to do an excellent job. Andy.”
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
19 aprile 2019
“I had the extreme pleasure of renting the Step ADU design in Highland Park. Not only is this apartment located in the heart of Highland Park, a block from York, by great restaurants and shops, it is also one of the most unique and inspiring spaces I've lived in to date. The design makes the space seem big, but cozy at the same time. It has high step ceilings and a large yellow door inside, taller than I've ever seen. The splashes of color reflect throughout the rooms differently as the daylight changes. The space simultaneously feels like a piece of artwork and a home. As a creative professional, it's important that your space reflects your values. This space is entirely dynamic with living flexibility, good entertaining space and a creative and inspiring air throughout the unit. If I were a painter, I would want to paint in this space. It is an incredible place to call home.”
Glover + Graham Design Collective
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
11 dicembre 2012
“Working with Jim was an amazing experience. I loved watching his creativity in action-- What an eye for detail and design!!! We started with a kitchen remodel that spread throughout the house (my fault!!!). I couldn't have been happier with our choices-- from wall color to baseboard sizes to fixtures to design principles. We LOVE everything he did for us and HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for an artist who really listens to and performs for his client.”
SDC Engineering
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
15 marzo 2019
“I have worked with Steve on many projects & he & his staff are top notch, very professional, a pleasure to work with. Fred Johnson”
GCC Designs For You
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
17 luglio 2017
“As a real estate broker, property manager and investment property owner for over 15 years I have worked with may designers, contractors and sub contractors (Good and bad) Mark at GCC Designs is at the top of my list of professionals I can trust to do the job right the first time. He shows up on time, articulates the scope of the job in a way that is easily understood and executes on time. The value he provides is right in line with the cost of the job. He is currently working on a major job in my personal home that is moving along just as planned.”
NS Designs
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
1 maggio 2017
“Nathan and I did some work together when I was out on the west coast for some time. Working with him was awesome. He carries himself very well and is a really friendly and intelligent guy. He's very dedicated to his business and takes joy in showing people that their visions can be transformed into reality. After spending some time with him it's become quite clear that when it comes to this industry, he does it because he loves it. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to transform their home or their space.”
SoCal DesignLab
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
22 marzo 2018
“Will completed three projects for us and we were extremely happy with all of them. The quality of the design was tops and he consistently met or exceeded our expectations. We especially liked how his experience in high end home design gave our college counseling center a warm feeling that tied in to the rest of our historic facility. Will also worked with the contractors in each case to ensure on time project delivery.”
ME Design Group
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
23 novembre 2018
“I have had the pleasure of working with ME design group and they have provided me with the highest level of professionalism and design integrity. They showed me a great talent in architectural design problem solving. Me design group and their supper talent showed me that my dream home that I always had in mind is becoming real. Their attention to details brings together a comprehensive design that results in amazing interior and exterior compliments. I have and I will continue to recommend them to future potential clients.”
Caroline Veerman Homes
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
2 marzo 2016
“We have hired Caroline in the past and she did an AMAZING JOB for us! A Beautiful and Creative mind, and a pleasure to work with. We definitely recommend her to anyone looking for Great Work!”
Ames Peterson - International Architecture
Disegnatori e progettisti edili Placentia, CA
22 novembre 2013
“Shawn did a fantastic job on our remodel. My wife and I already had a pretty good job of the floor plan we wanted to create. Shawn helped us tweak these ideas. However, his biggest contribution was with all the many details that we had never considered. For example, he created a skylight over the center of the kitchen with crossing beams and a light hanging down from the middle. Details like this turned a nice house into one that we love.”
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