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artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
11 settembre 2013
“Michele Morata is an amazing, inspiring artist! We provided our color palette and renderings and she began the process, creating commissioned pieces for our contemporary bachelor pad in Trabuco Canyon, CA. Working closely with us and our client throughout the process, she perfected the art pieces for the bachelor pad. Sending weekly updates and requesting our feedback ensured that we would meet our deadlines. I would highly recommend Michele Morata and will use her artwork for projects in the future!”
Waterman Creations
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
15 giugno 2015
“Waterman Creations is amazing! We had Kirk do some custom faux wood work, faux stone, and faux engraving and it came out beautifully. Better than we expected, everyone thinks it's real and always give such wonderful compliments. If you need a talented artist to amaze you with his talents yet charges a fair price, then Kirk is absolutely the man for you. I can't wait to have him back to finish our garage doors!”
Kristen Olson Stone Fine Art, Paintings And Commis
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
18 settembre 2019
“We commissioned two oil paintings from Kristen. Commissioning paintings online could perhaps be difficult, however, working with her was a pleasure. She is a very talented artist and was careful to ask us for our preferences as well as giving us regular progress reports with photos. We could not be more pleased with our beautiful paintings!”
Interior Art
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
8 aprile 2013
“From the moment we began working with Jackie of Interior Art in 2008, we knew we had found our career Artist. We knew that she would be our Specialty Finisher for all of our projects and that we could entrust her to add to each and every design that we create. Her attention to detail, her professionalism, and her passion for her craft are unmatched. Our clients enjoy working with Jackie every bit as much as we do. She is truly one of the most talented artists/tradespeople that we have on our team. Not only do we rely on her for bringing our ideas to life, but we value her opinions and experience to guide our designs to levels sometimes that we hadn't imagined. We look forward to our continued partnership with Jackie and her team at Interior Art and would refer her in a heartbeat to anyone!!!”
Terri Deskins Contemporary & Abstract Art
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
16 giugno 2014
“I recently purchased a painting from Terri Deskins. I had found her paintings online and was instantly attracted to her use of color and form. Every piece is very different from the other. She is a very talented abstract artist. I finally selected Sunset Prayer because it makes me feel connected to a place of peacefulness and hope whenever I look at it. I have it positioned in my office so that when I am talking face-to-face with my clients I can look over their shoulders and see Sunset Prayer. It was months ago that I purchased the art and it still has the same lasting effect on me. It truly seems to transcend time and words. My transaction with the artist was all done long distance. I was very pleased with the transaction. The painting arrived in a package that was well protected from possible damage due to shipping mishaps. It arrived when I was told that it would and in perfect condition. The most challenging part of the whole process was selecting which of her wonderful paintings to purchase. I plan to buy more in the future. My office in Lake Oswego, Oregon is open to anyone who would like to stop by and admire Sunset Prayer. --Conrad”
Abstract Art : Tanya Lozano
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
28 dicembre 2015
“Beautiful artwork, purchased a metal print 24"x30" of a larger original acrylic painting 48"x60". Wonderful quality metal print, very colorful, thin and easy to hang, shipped fast.”
Allison Cosmos
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
7 marzo 2012
“Allison is all about pleasing the client. We had decided on a certain faux wood-grain finishto cover a white fireplace mantel. When I realized it was too orange (near the end of her application), she helped me find the right tone and reapplied a new finish that was perfect with no added charge. Lovely to work with...has a very fine aesthetic. Highly recommend her.”
Gall Artworks
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
8 giugno 2016
“What amazes me about Gall Artworks is how the artist, Alex, designs and produces works that just beg to be stared at, looked at, enjoyed! We'd seen photos of his work and knew we wanted a piece of his talent displayed in our home. Alex worked with us to ask the right questions to understand what we were interested in. 'Yard Yellows' couldn't have turned out more perfect! (see photo). I highly recommend this artists' work! Thank you Alex for sharing your awesome creativity with all of us!”
Robin Noel Hiers
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
13 febbraio 2013
“I've watched Robin Noel Hiers grow as an artist throughout her entire career and am so very proud of her growth as an artist. She comes by her talent naturally, as Robin's mother was an artist as well and I'm her big sister. I am an Interior Designer and greatly appreciate the pizazz that Robin's art gives to a home. Her paintings tell a story and are more than just something to put on the wall to fill up space or add color. They give a room personality and something for people to talk about. her paintings are almost always fun and uplifting and give a really happy feel. I really like how she is using a heavy palette knife, which was the technique our mother was very well known for, and has given Robin's paintings a new level of sophistication. I have ordered Robin's art for my clients, and am fortunate to have many of her pieces in my home, and everyone always loves her art. I've always thought of Robin as a modern day Matisste.”
A Brush With Life
artigiani Mission Viejo, CA e artisti
19 settembre 2014
“I have been the Chairman of the Philharmonic House of Design five times. Eloise has donated her talents to many design homes with us, the last this past June, and her work is always exquisite. She is very talented and just keeps getting better and better because she is constantly adding to her repertoire of techniques. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with.”
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