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Brand based on 1960 by Luigino Razzetti, follower of professor Fabris
and uncle Zortea.
The story continue to be written since 1959, started by Luigino Razzetti, passed trough his son Riccardo who, still in production department, bring his experience and knowlwdge and trasmit it to the 3rd generation reppresented by two Riccardo’s sons Edoardo e Tommaso.
The brand was borned on a solid tradition but reveals from the beginning a fanciful searching of new creation; on this context, in years 60's, was presented the “Razzetti’s chandelier” harmonious and light, rich in decorations with real gold hand-painted, sold all over the world and imitaded by nearly all new companies that were borning in that time.
The white lamps created now by Luigino’s son, Riccardo Razzetti, belong to that style and rigid fundamental rule handicraft: the delicate refinement of the slurry, and then the richness of the decoration and the glittering glaze.
The tradition of the orcelain Flower, hand-made leaf by leaf, from our "Fioraie" inspered also the metal and porcelain line, launched in 1960, and developed until today, still one of the most representative line of the brand.

Servizi forniti
Installazione illuminazione, Installazione illuminazione da incasso, Installazione ventilatori a soffitto, Progettazione illuminazione casa, Vendita illuminazione, Lighting Design, Lighting Sales, progettazione e realizzazione su misura di lampada

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Certificazioni e riconoscimenti
CE - UL - SASO - GHOST - Others on reqest
Contatta: Tommaso Razzetti
Località: Viale Vicenza 93/e
36061 Bassano del Grappa Treviso
Costi di lavoro standard: 1.000 - 4.000 €
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