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I am an organic gardening consultant and edible landscape designer working in the San Francisco Bay Area. My primary focus is on raised bed organic vegetable gardens and edible landscaping, but I also do cottage gardens, cutting gardens, and drought-tolerant California native and Mediterranean landscapes. I do troubleshooting and maintenance as well as installations.

I taught the Local Sustainable Agriculture Field Practicum at Stanford University in 2007 and 2008, and was instrumental in revitalizing the Stanford Community Farm. In 2012, my garden was featured on the Common Ground Edible Landscaping Tour.

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Instructor, Stanford University, Local Sustainable Agriculture Field Practicum 2007-2008
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Località: Petaluma, CA
Ha commentato: Would these survive the south ( zone 9-10 ) in rainy season? samantamyc, green beans don't do well in cold temperatures. They do best in a temperature range of 75-85 degrees, with nighttime temperatures in the high 50s-60s. They germinate poorly at cooler tem...
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Ha commentato: how do you make the tree trellis? You dig post holes in a zig-zag pattern--like a series of W's, about a foot apart--then place sound redwood branches, 3 in each hole. Point one forward, one back, keep one in the middle. Then thread...
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Ha commentato: How do you prevent the wood from rotting at the bottom of the planter? The beds are filled with a free-draining potting soil, and the wood at the bottom of the planters is not touching the wood of the deck, it's boosted up on 2" steel frames. This allows water to drain ...
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Ha commentato: Build Of course I'm concerned about ecology, I've been an organic gardener for 30 years. And as I said, I rely on client's contractors to build the beds and make them structurally sound. In my years in the...
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Ha commentato: Bountiful harvest!!!! How did you get the plant to thrive like that? I make my own organic potting mix using really good compost and fresh worm castings, including a few live worms for nutrient cycling. Annie Thornton's idea book features some of my work: http://ww...
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Ha commentato: Dimensions... Domoni, if I remember correctly, the shorter one is 2' x 12' x 28", and the longer one is 2' x 16' x 28". The depth could be 30". These are actually a little too deep. Landscape fabric goes from 2"...
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