Missy Caulk, Allied ASID
My design career is defined by the focus on my clients. I Love what I do and understand that a satisfied client is the most important element of any design project. This is fundamental to my design approach. I am a professionally trained designer with a degree in Architectural Interior Design. For thirty years I have shared my love and passion for design with my clients. I feel that it is important to listen to clients and reflect their style, personality and provide a solace from the demands of today.
The key to all projects is color, textures and scale, as well as comfort and function. It is about the mix and not the match that is an essential element when creating a personalized home with the wow factor. I use color, beautiful fabrics, antiques and collectibles to complete the mix that gives the home the desired aesthetic. The art of collecting and incorporating life experiences makes the home purely individual. The ability to organize along with my design expertise allows me to produce well executed projects with few customer service issues.

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High Point

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ASID Allied Member
Contatta: Missy Caulk
Località: High Point, NC 27407
Ha commentato: Hi is brick Spalding Tudor or Salem Creek Tudor, thanks It is Spalding Tudor. Regular Sand with White Mortar
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Ha commentato: Do you know the color of the dormers and back siding? Sorry, I thought We used Hardy Board on the dormers. The paint color was Sherwin Williams, the shutters were Porpoise. I just went up a couple shades lighter on that card for the dormers.,
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Ha commentato: Beautiful! Could you share the stucco color? There is no stucco anywhere on this house. We did General Shale Salem Creek Brick, White Mortar/ White Sand with a Brushed Joint. Never Power Wash this brick!
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Ha commentato: Is the roof slate or a shingle that looks like shake? It is a shingle, GAF Slateline, color Weathered Slate
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Ha commentato: Can you share the details of the roofing shingles? The shingles are GAF Slateline, color Weathered Slate
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Ha commentato: What color is the mortar? White mortar with white sand.
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