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Well known for its contributions to the architectural landscape of the South, Historical Concepts has designed fine residences in classical and southern vernacular styles since 1982. Today, founder James L. Strickland and his partners lead five design teams, recruited from the nation’s top traditional architecture programs. With a shared passion for historic architecture and a culture of creativity, the 30-person firm is perpetuating the time-honored principles of traditional design for a new generation. By weaving the fundamental elements of scale, proportion and detail within the framework of each client’s personal vision, Historical Concepts creates exceptional homes that capture the spirit of the past while fully embracing the present.

For more information on the firm, other services offered and clients served, please visit www.historicalconcepts.com.

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The firm has won numerous awards recognizing excellence in classical and traditional architecture, including the Arthur Ross Award, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art’s highest accolade. For a full list of awards and media recognition, visit www.historicalconcepts.com.
Località: 490 Brasfield Square
Atlanta, GA 30316
Ha commentato: who makes the chandelier and what is the model? That would have been an interior designer selection. Her name was Joy McLean and she was out of Atlanta.
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Ha commentato: love this porch. ceiling paint? Unfortunately, we don't have it on file. It was likely picked by the interior designer.
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Ha commentato: Portico columns - how can I get similar? These were secured by the contractor so we don't know the source but if you search "architectural columns" on google you will find sources.
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Ha commentato: type of plants please We are the architects and did not select the plants. Sorry we can't help!
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Ha commentato: love the brick, do you know where to get it and the name of the color? This brick is from Carolina Brick company. I believe it is their Savannah Grey brick.
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Ha commentato: Does anyone know the Southern Living version of this house plan? Thank you for the compliment! This was a custom home and plans are not available for sale. You might check with our sister company, Our Town Plans, for home plans with a similar look.
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