Wolf Creek

(c) steve keating photography

Wolf Creek View Cabin sits in a lightly treed meadow, surrounded by foothills and mountains in Eastern Washington. The 1,800 square foot home is designed as two interlocking “L’s”. A covered patio is located at the intersection of one “L,” offering a protected place to sit while enjoying sweeping views of the valley. A lighter screening “L” creates a courtyard that provides shelter from seasonal winds and an intimate space with privacy from neighboring houses.

The building mass is kept low in order to minimize the visual impact of the cabin on the valley floor. The roof line and walls extend into the landscape and abstract the mountain profiles beyond. Weathering steel siding blends with the natural vegetation and provides a low maintenance exterior.

We believe this project is successful in its peaceful integration with the landscape and offers an innovative solution in form and aesthetics for cabin architecture.

Idee per un grande ingresso o corridoio contemporaneo con una porta in vetro, pavimento in cemento e una porta singola —  Houzz
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Linkage from one bit to the next

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Courtyard/patio arrangement. Steel siding looks nice

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