West Coast Zen

CCI Renovations/North Vancouver/Photos- Derek Lepper Photography.

This home featured an entry walkway that went through the carport, no defined exterior living spaces and overgrown and disorganized plantings.
Using clues from the simple West Coast Japanese look of the home a simple Japanese style garden with new fencing and custom screen design ensured an instant feeling of privacy and relaxation.
A busy roadway intruded on the limited yard space.
The garden area was redefined with fencing. The river-like walkway moves the visitor through an odd number of vistas of simple features of rock and moss and strategically placed trees and plants – features critical to a true Japanese garden.
The single front driveway and yard was overrun by vegetation, roots and large gangly trees.
Stamped concrete, simple block walls and small garden beds provided much needed parking and created interest in the streetscape.
Large cedars with tall trunks and heavily topped umbrellas were removed to provide light and to allow the construction of an outdoor living space that effectively double the living area.
Strategically placed walking stones, minimalist plantings and low maintenance yard eliminated the need for heavy watering while providing an oasis for its visitors.

Idee per un grande giardino formale etnico esposto a mezz'ombra in cortile con pavimentazioni in pietra naturale —  Houzz
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Dean Christopher lo ha aggiunto a SY Phase II23 gennaio 2019

Stone garden exterior? - bath LOVE THIS IDEA FOR THE MASTER BATH.

Valerie Pike lo ha aggiunto a Patio Ideas1 aprile 2015

consideration for upper yard post-trampoline

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