Waterfall Views Outside Your Window

This homeowner had a very limited space to work with and they were worried it wouldn’t be possible to install a water feature in their yard at all!

They were willing to settle for a small fountain when they called us, but we assured them we were up for this challenge in building them their dream waterscape at a larger scale than they could even imagine.

We turned this steep hill and retaining wall into their own personal secret garden. We constructed a waterfall that looked like the home was built around and existed naturally in nature. Our experts in waterfall building and masonry were able to ensure the retaining wall continued to do it’s job of holding up the hillside and keeping this waterfall in place for a lifetime to come.

Immagine di un laghetto da giardino contemporaneo esposto a mezz'ombra di medie dimensioni in primavera con pavimentazioni in pietra naturale e un pendio, una collina o una riva —  Houzz
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