Upstate Manor

This home, featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST in the November 2013 Before and After issue, is set prominently on Lake Skaneateles in New York, reflects a period when stately mansions graced the waterfront. Few houses demonstrate the skill of modern-day craftsmen with such charm and grace. The investment of quality materials such as limestone, carved timbers, copper, and slate, combined with stone foundations and triple-pane windows, provide the new owners with worry-free maintenance and peace of mind for years to come. The property boasts formal English gardens complete with a rope swing, pergola, and gazebo as well as an underground tunnel with a wine grotto. Elegant terraces offer multiple views of the grounds.

Ispirazione per un giardino chic —  Houzz
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Madison Hand lo ha aggiunto a Exterior Architectural Features1 marzo 2021

This looks like the front entrance to a castle

angt24k lo ha aggiunto a Backyard Blue Print Ideas1 novembre 2016

this kind of entrance leads to the sport fields

Meyer & Meyer, Inc. Architecture and Interiors lo ha aggiunto a Upstate Manor5 agosto 2016

jjolie lo ha aggiunto a towne lake10 maggio 2016

Double staircase down. Could use it to get to water.

pickett162 lo ha aggiunto a Garden barn and wall29 settembre 2015

inspiration for a retaining wall

Taylor Metz lo ha aggiunto a Landscaping Ideas29 settembre 2015

The grass is so green and pretty!!

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