Success Story: Curb Appeal Lessons from the Klingels

Every home improvement project can feel like going into battle, but the sweet taste of victory is enough to make it worthwhile. If you ever feel intimidated by homes and gardens in magazines, don’t fret – you can turn your home into a beautiful beacon with easy curb appeal updates! Kevin and Annette Klingel are some of our favorite weekend warriors, and their latest project proves that anything is possible when it comes to dressing up your front garden. The Klingels recently gave their home and front garden a major renovation and entered their photos in the Window Box Contest. When we saw the gorgeous before and after pictures, we knew we had to get the inside scoop on their process and uncover their best curb appeal ideas.
Curb Appeal – Before and After

Before the renovation, the Klingels had a charming South Bend, Indiana rambler that was tidy and traditional, if a little unassuming. Deciding it was time for a much-needed update, the Klingels replaced their old green roof with a black barrel roof to match the style of their home. They also made a needed replacement and changed out the sidewalk and front stoop to a new version in classic black.

After those dramatic changes, the Klingels just couldn’t stop! Loving the contrast between the new black roof and stoop and their cream house, they painted their shutters black. And here’s where we come in – Annette wanted to incorporate her love of flowers into the new home design and found the perfect planters and window boxes to match the shutters. They purchased ten black window boxes in a classic and chic design to put around their outside windows. The Klingels also used tall black planters around the entrance to the house. The window boxes and planters each received the same plant treatment – red, yellow, and orange impatiens with flowing ferns for a bright punch of color. Paired with hanging baskets and a few other accents, the Klingels house is now a masterpiece.
From Drab to Fab

The Klingels love their warm and inviting new front entrance, and the neighbors do too. Instead of getting overlooked, their house now stands out and is the star of their busy street, where it is seen by lots of people everyday. They have received tons of compliments about their new look – a crisp and clean front garden that stays true to the style of the home and neighborhood.
The Klingels’ curb appeal update wasn’t without its challenges, but the end product is amazing, and as Annette says, definitely worth the time. The Klingels recommend starting with the necessary replacements and finding beautiful matching pieces to add curb appeal. With a little patience, elbow grease, and the help of a great garden supply store like Hooks & Lattice, you too can have the home of your dreams.
Photos: Kevin & Annette Klingel

Idee per un piccolo patio o portico country dietro casa con un giardino in vaso, lastre di cemento e nessuna copertura —  Houzz
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connilynn lo ha aggiunto a 409 Hill Rd20 aprile 2019

Shutters and window box make this window look much larger. I think, in white, it would create a symmetry our house is missing.

vanderkitten lo ha aggiunto a Landscaping Ideas I like6 luglio 2018

do not like the "pea gravel" looking concrete areas

geestephanie lo ha aggiunto a Patio13 gennaio 2016

I like the planters under the window

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