Stacy Weiss: Shadyside, Pennsylvania

The feature wall in the living area sets the tone for the apartment.

Weiss took advantage of the vast wall space by creating a gallery display of art. Spanning the gamut of styles and origins, the pieces are hung asymmetrically, lending to the organic feel of the space. While the thought of fitting all of her artwork was a bit daunting in the beginning, this is now Weiss's favorite spot in her home. "I somehow managed to fit it in and actually add to it from time to time," she says.

Sofa: Charles Series, B&B Italia

Adrienne DeRosa Photography © 2013 Houzz

Ispirazione per un soggiorno boho chic con pareti bianche e pavimento in legno massello medio —  Houzz
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BENISHA DEVALLA lo ha aggiunto a idea lookbook30 novembre 2022

This is ASYMMETRICAL BALANCE. This is asymmetrical balance because It has unequal distribution, but it still looks nice. There is noting to make it symmetrical, so it's uneven.

Shannon Olin lo ha aggiunto a My ideas12 novembre 2022

Miss matched artwork on the walls

LAUREN PEARCE lo ha aggiunto a Principles of design28 settembre 2022

Asymmetrical balance- All the different pictures it would be very different if you put a line in the middle

Deslie Howell lo ha aggiunto a Eclectic13 settembre 2022

Painting cover the wall looks like an art gallery

Sandra Winston lo ha aggiunto a gallery walls7 settembre 2022

the art wall for shannen's livingroom

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