SLEEPLESS in PORTLAND: Houseboat Diary

Photo by: Shawn St. Peter Photography - What designer could pass on the opportunity to buy a floating home like the one featured in the movie Sleepless in Seattle? Well, not this one! When I purchased this floating home from my aunt and uncle, I didn’t know about floats and stringers and other issues specific to floating homes. Nor had I really thought about the hassle of an out of state remodel. Believing that I was up for the challenge, I grabbed my water wings, sketchpad, and measuring tape and jumped right in!

If you’ve ever thought of buying a floating home, I’ve already tripped over some of the hurdles you will face. So hop on board - hopefully you will enjoy the ride.

I have shared my story of this floating home remodel and accidental flip in my eBook "Sleepless in Portland." Just subscribe to our monthly design newsletter and you will be sent a link to view all the photos and stories in my eBook.

Esempio di una piccola camera degli ospiti boho chic con pareti bianche, nessun camino, pavimento nero e pavimento in laminato —  Houzz
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