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Ispirazione per una terrazza minimal con un focolare e nessuna copertura —  Houzz
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Kelly lo ha aggiunto a Alfresco11 maggio 2022

Decking. This is what we don’t want

amberdsprinkle lo ha aggiunto a Sprinkle - Yard5 luglio 2021

look at stairs, will ours be open in the back or closed?

caroline259 lo ha aggiunto a Backyard24 maggio 2021

Strip lighting for back paving?

Karen Bromert lo ha aggiunto a backyard9 aprile 2021

Lights in the landscape create light pollution that adversely affects nocturnal animals and migratory birds. Many animals rely on darkness as part of their habitat and behavior, and lights at night can disrupt their natural cycles. A concept called dark sky lighting is a movement to reduce light pollution produced by cities in order to protect wildlife and to create more visible stars in the night sky. You can play a part in reducing light pollution by using recommended fixtures for wildlife friendliness and designing your lighting with care. A major culprit of light pollution is lights that are unnecessarily pointed upward — called uplighting — to illuminate trees and buildings. This sends light pollution directly into trees and sky. A more efficient and environmentally sensitive way to light the landscape is with downlighting. Downlights cast light from above to below. Fixtures with hoods and shields help to direct light onto the surfaces where it’s needed and to eliminate light from being cast where it’s not necessary. Glare is simply light that is too bright or strong to be visually pleasing. Glare is caused by high-voltage lights, improperly angled lights and lights without shields. All of these can be addressed by using lights with lower voltage and intensity, angling lights downward instead of out into a person’s eye level and shielding lights to have a more focused light cast. Light with intention by selecting only the most important parts of the landscape to illuminate. Take it a step further by having those lights set on a timer or motion sensor so that they are only on when needed. Opt for warm-colored lights instead of cool colors. Warm light tones in the pink-orange spectrum are better for nocturnal animals than lights in the cool or blue tone.

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