Santa Monica Backyard Remodel + Hot Tub

We were contacted by a home owner in Playa Vista who had just purchased a home with a relatively small yard. They wanted to explore our services of how we could maximize space and turn their back yard into an area that was warm, welcoming, and had multiple uses / purposes. We integrated a modern cedar deck with a built in hot tub, created a nice perimeter planter with hedges that will continue to grow to add privacy, installed awesome concrete pavers and of course... you cant forget the ambient outdoor string lights. This project turned out stunning and we would love to assist you on any project you might be looking to embark on in the near future.

Immagine di una terrazza design di medie dimensioni e dietro casa con nessuna copertura —  Houzz
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Jessica Gomez lo ha aggiunto a Reno 20228 settembre 2022

Materials. Perhaps a way to use more of the back yard with less impervious surface area

Lisa Bernal lo ha aggiunto a Outside Space2 settembre 2022

Different material for ground and different levels

Aubrey Partlow lo ha aggiunto a Aubrey Partlow Style1 settembre 2022

Even though it's a small hot tub there are plants and it is underground

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