Peonies and Centaurea montana by the pond

Mature watergarden showing colourful planting beside fishpond with bog garden behind. Alongside, but out of shot, is a separate wildlife pond. The paving is made from reclaimed Yorkstone. Plants include paeonies and Centaurea montana, as well as Amelanchier lamarkii, Lonicera nitida, Iris pseudacorus, carex. and marsh marigolds

Ispirazione per un giardino stile rurale esposto a mezz'ombra dietro casa con fontane e pavimentazioni in pietra naturale —  Houzz
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Pond plants grow much faster and more vigorously than most land plants, so you can start off with not much,” Jane says. There are various waterlilies in the pond, but also water hawthorn – the white flowers seen here. “They aren’t as showy as waterlilies, but they appear much earlier in the season, so they provide cover,” Jane says. “It’s a tough, reliable plant, and it’s there longer than the waterlilies. “What’s really important, though,” she stresses, “is your oxygenator – pondweed. It has a massive role to play in terms of keeping the water fresh. I use hornwort, an excellent native plant.” The plants in and around the pond nicely illustrate Jane’s skill in mixing colours and textures. As well as the grey-green juniper and bold arum lilies (seen in the previous photo), there’s the lime-green grass, Carex elata ‘Aurea’, which is a signature plant. “It stays that lovely light colour all season,” Jane says. “It’s very good for helping to disguise the back edges of a pond. You can grow it in damp soil, but it really likes living in water.”

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What are the purple flowers in foreground

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mountain bluet and pink peonies

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Apart from pond which wouldn’t suit my garden

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Wildlife pond -centaurea Montana

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