Pathways and gates

The outdoor elements should be every bit as interesting as the home's interior design. This gateway is loaded with tiny yellow roses and is a welcome sight after a long winter season.

The grass that lines the path is Liriope (Monkey grass). Small sprigs (6-8 leaves each) were planted 6" apart. It took a couple of growing seasons to obtain the look you see here. Mondo grass, which I have used in other areas of the country, seemed to have different attributes than Monkey grass. There are many different varieties of Liriope. Check with your local landscape expert to find what type will work best for you.

Idee per un giardino tradizionale in ombra nel cortile laterale —  Houzz
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Andrew Mayfield lo ha aggiunto a Exterior colours27 settembre 2021

Line front pathway up front garden to east side of house with native grass row

Kelli Boehm lo ha aggiunto a Landscaping6 agosto 2019

Like the silvery grass..ok for full sun

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