Park Ave Condo

With an amazing freestanding dining table and a few stylish chairs around it, this spacious dining room really looks impressive thanks to the subtle distribution of gray and its shades.

Thanks to the upholstered furniture pieces, this dining room can serve as a wonderful place not only for eating and cooking, but also for relaxing after a hearty dinner, a peaceful conversation with family members and a friendly reception of guests.

Try to also create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your dining room with our outstanding interior designers!

Esempio di una grande sala da pranzo aperta verso la cucina eclettica con pareti grigie, pavimento in legno massello medio e pavimento marrone —  Houzz
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I commenti degli utenti:

Shane Kolipano lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

HERE IS A MASTER! Perfectly conceived, it will look cool in my cottage.

Kim Pearson lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

Shocked as simple and luxurious!

Carmen Mendez lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

All this will look great in my apartment.

Marco Longgize lo ha aggiunto a My Project22 aprile 2021

Wow! I do not know how to express admiration!

Bobbie Nicholson lo ha aggiunto a My Project21 aprile 2021

I like that! How great it happened!

Jim Brazil lo ha aggiunto a My ideas28 aprile 2020

Cosmically cool! How great it turned out!

Anthony Gong lo ha aggiunto a My ideas13 agosto 2019

I am delighted with the proposed design.

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