Outdoor Living with Water Gardens

Ispirazione per un giardino tropicale con fontane e gazebo —  Houzz
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Paula lo ha aggiunto a Paula's ideas21 giugno 2022

nothing says it better than a gazebo next to a pond unless it has a bridge to it too

Heather Fournier lo ha aggiunto a Pool-Sauna-Ofuro7 luglio 2021

Interact and observe. Water gardens are living systems that change over time, so make sure you create a comfortable spot for hanging out and observing what goes on — the pond will tell you what it needs once you learn to tune in to it. Keep in mind that it’s a dynamic system, and there is usually no instant fix if something goes wrong. For example, if the water turns to green soup all of a sudden in midsummer, don’t panic — the explosion of algae can only last so long before the nutrients that are feeding it are consumed. Instead, step back and ask yourself what the pond needs so the same problem doesn’t recur again next year.

cinderella24 lo ha aggiunto a garden pergola for hill24 aprile 2020

This shows how the pond will look

David Greene lo ha aggiunto a 2019 Greene Idea Book7 novembre 2019

I like how this pond looks clean, accessible, and natural. Some water features looked overly designed, like something from Disney world

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