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GRASS First steps: Remove and dethatch the weedy and dead patches. It’s easy: Simply use your rake to dig them up, root network (thatch) and all. Don’t use a shovel, as that won’t aerate the soil and will leave holes in your lawn. A word about weed killer: Some people prefer to get rid of weeds by spraying them with weed killer. Ask at your hardware or garden store before doing this, as some pesticides can linger in the soil and kill your seedlings. Some may also prove harmful to the environment and water supply. Once all the dead material and thatch have been removed, rake the soil a bit more to aerate it. If the soil has become heavily compacted and hardened, make sure you’re turning it over at a depth of about 6 inches. Break up any clumps to make sure the soil is loose and aerated enough for your seedlings to grow. Next apply your fertilizer according to the package instructions. Then scatter seeds by hand, keeping in mind that more is not necessarily better; about six seeds per square inch will do.

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