My Houzz: Relaxed, Classic and Collected in New Jersey

Photo: Rikki Snyder © 2014 Houzz

Esempio di un ingresso o corridoio eclettico —  Houzz
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Ashlyn Libbert lo ha aggiunto a Principles of designieri

Gradated Rhythm - The cases on the side are gradually getting smaller as the stack goes up.

Megan Borgmeyer lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Designieri

gradated rhythm- the suitcases on the wall start from the bottom biggest to smallest.

drblount10 lo ha aggiunto a My Big Ideas6 giugno 2021

storage for classroom or keepsakes

Louis Scott lo ha aggiunto a LOUIS' Ideas4 maggio 2021

The gradation in this room helps move the eye through the room

Teegan Anderson lo ha aggiunto a TEEGAN's Ideas4 maggio 2021

Gradation- The stacked suitcases show an example of gradation. Your eyes are drawn to either the top or bottom of the stack and then will be moved up or down. It creates rhythm in the room as well as visual interest.

Grace Halldorson lo ha aggiunto a Grace Halldorson’s Block 3 Idea Book3 maggio 2021

The stacked suitcases are an example of GRADATION which can smoothly move your eyes through objects.

Ingrid Schjolberg lo ha aggiunto a Elements And Principles Of Design Look Book3 maggio 2021

Gradation: The gradation used in this space through the succession in size of the suitcases serve to assist the eye in moving easily about the room from one area to another, creating a flowing quality. The gradation also creates visual interest and excitement.

MEGAN GRIFFIN lo ha aggiunto a Megan Griffin’s Block 1 Idea Book10 maggio 2020

The suitcases or briefcases in this room are an example of big to small gradation. Gradation helps move your eye from one spot to another in a room, this creates flow or fluidity throughout the room.

OWEN WEICHE lo ha aggiunto a OWEN's Ideas10 maggio 2020

The suitcases sort of draw your eye, without being the focal point of the room. They make the room feel unique

SOFIA WEISBERG lo ha aggiunto a Interior Design Project9 maggio 2020

This room is an example of repetition because of the briefcase. This makes the room have rhythm.

PARKER STROM lo ha aggiunto a PARKER's Ideas7 maggio 2020

Th repetition on the brief cases makes the room original, unique, and interesting. It also brings rhythm to the room

Jasmine Torralbas lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design2 marzo 2020

Rhythm-Gradation: We can see a pattern of rhythm in the suit cases increasing in size as it escalates towards the floor. Through the mirror, a repititon of portraits are spread throughout that wall.

jonae clark lo ha aggiunto a rythm11 novembre 2019

gradation- moving from the mirror to the dresser to the suitcases

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