Modern Heavy Timber Curved Wall Home

Photography by Raul Garcia

Project by Studio H:T principal in charge Brad Tomecek (now with Tomecek Studio Architecture). This urban infill project juxtaposes a tall, slender curved circulation space against a rectangular living space. The tall curved metal wall was a result of bulk plane restrictions and the need to provide privacy from the public decks of the adjacent three story triplex. This element becomes the focus of the residence both visually and experientially. It acts as sun catcher that brings light down through the house from morning until early afternoon. At night it becomes a glowing, welcoming sail for visitors.

Immagine di un giardino minimal in ombra dietro casa e di medie dimensioni —  Houzz
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I commenti degli utenti:

Jason Kaspar lo ha aggiunto a 200 Lake Hills19 maggio 2021

Nice common area if we went with HOA, and shared a septic.

carolannbrooks lo ha aggiunto a GARDEN DESIGN8 marzo 2021

Shapes to change a plain garden

Karen N lo ha aggiunto a Landscaping Notes Nichols Baumgartner 20218 gennaio 2021

This looks interesting for the terracing but seems kind of fussy. I don't mind the step in the middle TLC Team - How close to the home would be a suitable interaction when changing to a lawn type step?

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