Mid Century Modern Gem

The uneven back yard was graded into ¬upper and lower levels with an industrial style, concrete wall. Linear pavers lead the garden stroller from place to place alongside a rain garden filled with swaying grasses that spans the side yard and culminates at a gracefully arching pomegranate tree, A bubbling boulder water feature murmurs soothing sounds. A large steel and willow-roof pergola creates a shady space to dine in and chaise lounges and chairs bask in the surrounding shade. The transformation was completed with a bold and biodiverse selection of low water, climate appropriate plants that make the space come alive. branches laden with impossibly red blossoms and fruit. The elements of a sustainable habitat garden have been designed into the ¬lush landscape. One hundred percent of rainwater runoff is diverted into the two large raingardens which infiltrate stormwater runoff into the soil. After building up the soil with tons of organic amendments, we added permeable hardscape elements, a water feature, native and climate appropriate plants - including an exceedingly low-water Kurapia lawn - and drip irrigation with a smart timer. With these practices we’ve created a sumptuous wildlife habitat that has become a haven for migratory birds & butterflies.

Ispirazione per un vialetto d'ingresso minimalista esposto a mezz'ombra di medie dimensioni e davanti casa in inverno con un ingresso o sentiero, pavimentazioni in cemento e recinzione in metallo —  Houzz
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