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Cross-stitching is a big part of the Danish handicraft tradition, and something closely tied to the family. Most of us learned from our unbelievably patient grandmothers – or our even more patient home craft teachers who got the questionable joy of teaching 30 kids at a time. But they did. And they made sure we followed the right patterns and tucked the thread neatly on the backside.

Cross-stitching is something you do to let your mind wander, to let go of thoughts about work and busy times, and to just be right where you are.

And we think this is what the world needs right now, a little collective step on the brakes. Some time to think, breathe and evaluate how we want to live our lives. It’s our hope, that gathering around MENU Stitches will be this kind of brake for you. A time to slow down, turn of the noise, relax with your friends, kids or family and focus on just being right where you are. Present.

Gry Fager, Copenhagen based ceramist and designer, is also focusing on quality – good products and the good life: ”I put great personal emphasis on creating products that are very usable, and products that people will find joy in using in their everyday life”.

In the series you’ll find jugs, thermo cups, bowls, egg-cups, plates and dishes. Sugar bowls, milk jars and butter boxes with lovely wood lids. So there will be plenty of occasions to slow down and relax around some beautiful Stitches.


Gry Fager




Ø 5cm
H 3.5cm

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