Malvern | Wattle House

Front garden Design | Stone Masonry Restoration | Colour selection

The client brief was to design a new fence and entrance including garden, restoration of the façade including verandah of this old beauty. This gorgeous 115 year old, villa required extensive renovation to the façade, timberwork and verandah.

Withing this design our client wanted a new, very generous entrance where she could greet her broad circle of friends and family.

Our client requested a modern take on the ‘old’ and she wanted every plant she has ever loved, in her new garden, as this was to be her last move. Jill is an avid gardener at age 82, she maintains her own garden and each plant has special memories and she wanted a garden that represented her many gardens in the past, plants from friends and plants that prompted wonderful stories. In fact, a true ‘memory garden’.

The garden is peppered with deciduous trees, perennial plants that give texture and interest, annuals and plants that flower throughout the seasons.

We were given free rein to select colours and finishes for the colour palette and hardscaping. However, one constraint was that Jill wanted to retain the terrazzo on the front verandah. Whilst on a site visit we found the original slate from the verandah in the back garden holding up the raised vegetable garden. We re-purposed this and used them as steppers in the front garden.

To enhance the design and to encourage bees and birds into the garden we included a spun copper dish from Mallee Design.

A garden that we have had the very great pleasure to design and bring to life.

Residential | Building Design
Completed | 2020
Building Designer Nick Apps, Catnik Design Studio
Landscape Designer Cathy Apps, Catnik Design Studio
Construction | Catnik Design Studio
Lighting | LED Outdoors_Architectural

Foto di un giardino moderno esposto in pieno sole di medie dimensioni e davanti casa in primavera con un ingresso o sentiero, pavimentazioni in pietra naturale e recinzione in legno —  Houzz
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Lynda Dimitriou lo ha aggiunto a New house1 settembre 2021

I love the cottage feel of this, with paver dividing the garden beds.

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