Los Feliz

Ispirazione per una terrazza design di medie dimensioni e dietro casa con un focolare e nessuna copertura —  Houzz
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  • Terrazza design
  • Terrazza di medie dimensioni
  • Terrazza con un focolare
  • Contemporaneo Terrazze
  • Terrazze
  • Terrazze
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I commenti degli utenti:

Addie Candela lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design9 novembre 2021

Emphasis because your eye is drawn to the fire place in the middle.

vickynunes lo ha aggiunto a landscaping10 luglio 2020

For the final design, not the interim, I wonder if I should do a seating bench like this against the garden wall, replace my round patio table with a rectangle one, to give more space

Pamella Tejada lo ha aggiunto a Deck7 luglio 2020

The combination of these two materials are nice. However a stone fence is probably way too heavy for a second story deck.

Edith Winters lo ha aggiunto a Style Book - Gardens6 luglio 2020

Understand IP ratings The IP (ingress protection) rating tells you how well a light can cope with elements such as water and the penetration of solids such as dust. This rating is particularly important to be aware of with outdoor lights.

Susan Whyte lo ha aggiunto a Susan's Ideas24 maggio 2020

wee wall hugging the fir pit area - safety from walking into it from sun area, bit of interest making patio are into 2 zones

Foto in Los Feliz

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