Lake Rabun Custom Homes

Stuart Wade, Envision Web

Lake Rabun is the third lake out of six managed by the Georgia Power Company. Mathis Dam was completed in 1915, but the lake was not actually impounded until almost ten years late . This delay was due to construction of a mile long tunnel dug between the lake and the power generator at Tallulah Falls. By 1925 the lake became a haven for many residents of Atlanta, who would make the day long trip by car to enjoy the area. Lake Rabun at an elevation of 1689 feet , with a surface area of 835 acres and 25 miles of , is the second largest lake in the six lake chain. While not as large as Lake Burton, Rabun offers water skiing, fishing, and wonderful afternoon cruises.

Ispirazione per una terrazza stile rurale con un tetto a sbalzo —  Houzz
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pmc1796 lo ha aggiunto a puritanlvd's ideas14 ottobre 2020

Not that this is even a legal size, but great idea

Van Cleave Architecture + Design lo ha aggiunto a Greiwe10 settembre 2020

railing style along path; allows a place to hang towels when wet

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