Key Largo Residence

The client was referred to us by the builder to build a vacation home where the family mobile home used to be. Together, we visited Key Largo and once there we understood that the most important thing was to incorporate nature and the sea inside the house. A meeting with the architect took place after and we made a few suggestions that it was taking into consideration as to change the fixed balcony doors by accordion doors or better known as NANA Walls, this detail would bring the ocean inside from the very first moment you walk into the house as if you were traveling in a cruise.

A client's request from the very first day was to have two televisions in the main room, at first I did hesitate about it but then I understood perfectly the purpose and we were fascinated with the final results, it is really impressive!!! and he does not miss any football games, while their children can choose their favorite programs or games. An easy solution to modern times for families to share various interest and time together.

Our purpose from the very first day was to design a more sophisticate style Florida Keys home with a happy vibe for the entire family to enjoy vacationing at a place that had so many good memories for our client and the future generation.

Architecture Photographer : Mattia Bettinelli

Immagine di un soggiorno costiero di medie dimensioni e aperto con parete attrezzata, pareti bianche, pavimento in legno massello medio, pavimento marrone e tappeto —  Houzz
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Utente-118732051 lo ha aggiunto a My ideas28 settembre 2021

Narrow tv wall big fun couch couch color

aazmiami lo ha aggiunto a Interesting Ideas5 maggio 2021

Look at the couch and the way two couches are layed out back to back. Any room for something like that in our great room to connect the two living areas? Or best to keep separate? I would like that the arm of the section that faces the dining room would have a backless part where people can sit and face either the TV or the dining area.

jkmccon lo ha aggiunto a Family Room2 maggio 2021

Back to back furniture placement

Suzette Johnsen lo ha aggiunto a sejohnsen99's ideas24 febbraio 2021

Two couches - one faces the kitchen the other the tv's.

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