Hillside Farmhouse

Hillside Farmhouse sits on a steep East-sloping hill. We set it across the slope, which allowed us to separate the site into a public, arrival side to the North and a private, garden side to the South. The house becomes the long wall, one room wide, that organizes the site into its two parts.

The garage wing, running perpendicularly to the main house, forms a courtyard at the front door. Cars driving in are welcomed by the wide front portico and interlocking stair tower. On the opposite side, under a parade of dormers, the Dining Room saddle-bags into the garden, providing views to the South and East. Its generous overhang keeps out the hot summer sun, but brings in the winter sun.

The house is a hybrid of ‘farm house’ and ‘country house’. It simultaneously relates to the active contiguous farm and the classical imagery prevalent in New England architecture.

Photography by Robert Benson and Brian Tetrault

Foto di un soggiorno classico con libreria —  Houzz
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Beverly Brock lo ha aggiunto a Lipkin Fireplace18 novembre 2020

darker color makes the tv go away and provides some depth in a very "white space"

Utente-15465264 lo ha aggiunto a Assignment 15 novembre 2020

i like this dark color it looks warm.

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