Full garden landscape

The design of the garden was created on a program by the client who then wished for someone to make it happen and so we did.
Land was weeds and soil & nothing more.
The whole area was cleared and all roots and weeds removed, new fencing was put in place and groundworks commenced to prepare for the porcelain paving with an MOT sub base aggregate compressed with a wacko plate.
The posts for the pergola was set in concrete before the paving commenced.
After all paving was complete, then we prepared the sub frame for the decking in which its posts were set in concrete and bolted together with coach bolts and 100mm screws.
The decking was then cut and fitted from a yellow balau hardwood and then the pergola was constructed from a sepale hardwood.
New soil was put down & levelled and the new natural medallion grass was laid.
two outside double power points with a chrome finish were fitted, one on the wall and the other at the end of the decking and finally the shed was erected and the garden had its final clean.

Foto di un giardino contemporaneo —  Houzz
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