Four Seasons Garden Fencing Collection - 4 Metal Panels with different design

Garden Fence Panel Privacy Screen Summer Garden 1.15x0.95m Metal Laser Cut Made in UK Patio Divider Balustrade Railing Balcony Deck - part of the Four Seasons Garden Fencing Collection, it includes 4 Metal Garden Panels with different designs.

• Size and Material: Standard Size: 1.15 m x 0.95 m, Heavy Duty Steel, Black Powder Coated. This Garden Screen Panel for Privacy is part of the Four Seasons Garden Fencing Collection, it includes 4 Metal Garden Panels with different designs. We can make this Panel Screen in any size, design, or colour at optional cost
• This Metal Panel can be used for anything: Balustrade, Deck Panel, Balcony Privacy Panel, Railing Panel, Outdoor Garden Screen, or Fence Planter.
• Add Privacy and Security with Metal Fences, Garden Dividers for Your Patio, Hot Tub, Swimming Pool, Balcony.
• Don’t forget to order posts for our easy fixing Privacy Screens and Fence Panels. We offer two options- posts with a footplate as well as posts for concreting
• This garden fence screen is exactly what you need, if you want to make your garden or patio stand-out Look through the rest of this collection, to harmonize all your garden décor.
• These garden screening and fencing panels are the best solution for those looking for a decorative iron wrought fence or gate.

If you would like to order something with an individual design - please look at section BESPOKE PRODUCTS and message or call us. We would more than happy to bring any of your daring fantasies to life.

Foto di un ampio giardino formale classico in cortile con recinzione in metallo —  Houzz
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