Fontana Interior

photos: Matthew Millman

This 1100 SF space is a reinvention of an early 1960s unit in one of two semi-circular apartment towers near San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The existing design ignored the sweeping views and featured the same humdrum features one might have found in a mid-range suburban development from 40 years ago. The clients who bought the unit wanted to transform the apartment into a pied a terre with the feel of a high-end hotel getaway: sleek, exciting, sexy. The apartment would serve as a theater, revealing the spectacular sights of the San Francisco Bay.

Esempio di un piccolo soggiorno moderno aperto con pareti grigie e pavimento in marmo —  Houzz
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Daniel Anzanello lo ha aggiunto a Spare room21 ore fa

saved mostly for the ceiling and recessed lighting. I do like the orange and the simplicity of the room and how it does not distract from the views.

Utente-75013369 lo ha aggiunto a meikalp's ideas23 novembre 2020

I like the end tables for the sofa in the living room

shylasosweet malon lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design17 novembre 2020

Radial Balance- the couch is radiated out from a center point in a circular fashion. also mirrored both vertically and horizontally with the center acting as a focal point. An principal of design would be balance because the elements are arranged around a central point and may be similar,. What brings out attention would be the windows because of how big they are or the lights one the ceiling.

MOLLY SODERLUND lo ha aggiunto a Elements and Principles of Design29 ottobre 2020

The curves in this rug, sofa, and ceiling are examples of CURVED LINE that give off an inclusive feel in the space.

AZUL KEATHLEY lo ha aggiunto a Elements of Design14 ottobre 2020

Curved Lines - the couches, the floor wood frame, and the table as well

KAEMON HUTCHINSON lo ha aggiunto a elements of design14 ottobre 2020

the couches and table have curved lines makes it feel like the room has more space.

dderonde lo ha aggiunto a SIMPLY AWESOME8 ottobre 2020

Like the curve seating that's in front of the window.

Riley Sonntag lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design.15 settembre 2020

This is a great representation of radial balance because, the chairs are circled around the table.

Genelle Tabbs lo ha aggiunto a Genelle Tabbs22 maggio 2020

10. Radial Balance - The couches form a circle, and they all share the same qualities, and the design extends.

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