Fontana Interior

photos: Matthew Millman

This 1100 SF space is a reinvention of an early 1960s unit in one of two semi-circular apartment towers near San Francisco’s Aquatic Park. The existing design ignored the sweeping views and featured the same humdrum features one might have found in a mid-range suburban development from 40 years ago. The clients who bought the unit wanted to transform the apartment into a pied a terre with the feel of a high-end hotel getaway: sleek, exciting, sexy. The apartment would serve as a theater, revealing the spectacular sights of the San Francisco Bay.

Idee per un piccolo soggiorno moderno —  Houzz
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Leeyah Booker lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design5 novembre 2020

I pick this for Radial Balance because it has curved like couches

WESLEY FRASER lo ha aggiunto a principles of design15 ottobre 2020

it's radial balance because everything is like in a circle

Koby Essary lo ha aggiunto a Principles of Design15 ottobre 2020

Radial Balance with the floor and top

Edith Olmos lo ha aggiunto a Edith Olmos7 giugno 2020

1. Radial Balance 2. The form of the couches and the center cut out of the floor. 3. It makes the room look bigger and gives a dramatic, unique look.

JAXON WOLFE lo ha aggiunto a INTERIOR DESIGN14 maggio 2020

This one is really nice because you can really see radial in the curved couches and also how the left side is split into two sides on the couch

JULIA TKACH lo ha aggiunto a Interior Design BL1 Julia Tkach11 maggio 2020

The couch demonstrates radial balance in this picture.

franeika lo ha aggiunto a Painted Feather Way15 ottobre 2019

Customized seating in circular living space (Moroccan themed)

BarbCo Group | Barbagelata lo ha aggiunto a info864542's ideas10 agosto 2018

Room with a View - San Francisco

irenenjenga lo ha aggiunto a irenenjenga's ideas30 maggio 2016

Wall effect & wow orange furniture

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