Fire bowl

We have designed a focal point fireplace within a tiny space, breaking up the overbearing retaining wall and draping the planting down over the wall to soften.

In small gardens we often use large specimen plants and sculptural oversized pots; being so bold in such as a small space really works. The existing retaining wall has been dressed and divided to make it less overbearing and oppressive. We have painted the fence black further emphasising the plants. We have included some uplighting behind the large pots to backlight as well as under the trees to make this a very appealing garden at night. We have set a bio-ethanol firebowl within the burnt orange-painted fireplace, creating a focus point. Bold leafy planting includes Fatsia, Erybotria and Dicksonia.

Esempio di un piccolo giardino formale moderno esposto a mezz'ombra dietro casa con un caminetto e pedane —  Houzz
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Sarah Male lo ha aggiunto a Back Garden21 aprile 2021

beautiful planting of ferns and fatsias

Foto in Fire bowl

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