Entry, Stairs Beyond

Located in Menlo Park, California, this 3,000 sf. remodel was carefully crafted to generate excitement and make maximum use of the owner’s strict budget and comply with the city’s stringent planning code. It was understood that not everything was to be redone from a prior owner’s quirky remodel which included odd inward angled walls, circular windows and cedar shingles.

Remedial work to remove and prevent dry rot ate into the budget as well. Studied alterations to the exterior include a new trellis over the garage door, pushing the entry out to create a new soaring stair hall and stripping the exterior down to simplify its appearance. The new steel entry stair leads to a floating bookcase that pivots to the family room. For budget reasons, it was decided to keep the existing cedar shingles.

Upstairs, a large oak multi-level staircase was replaced with the new simple run of stairs. The impact of angled bedroom walls and circular window in the bathroom were calmed with new clean white walls and tile.

Photo Credit: John Sutton Photography.

Idee per una scala a rampa dritta minimal con pedata in legno e nessuna alzata —  Houzz
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Sam Zurawel lo ha aggiunto a Floating Shelves23 giugno 2020

What’s wrong with this? Matching shelves with flooring. How does this look bad?

Amber Westerman Building Design lo ha aggiunto a Stroud31 maggio 2020

open risers must meet Code, max 4" gap, this stair complies because they used thick treads ($$)

hoffmarc lo ha aggiunto a 235 Bayshore Drive18 maggio 2020

She mole open stairs with cable rail

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