Elegant Entertaining

The major objective of this home was to craft something entirely unique; based on our client’s international travels, and tailored to their ideal lifestyle. Every detail, selection and method was individual to this project. The design included personal touches like a dog shower for their Great Dane, a bar downstairs to entertain, and a TV tucked away in the den instead of on display in the living room.

Great design doesn’t just happen. It’s a product of work, thought and exploration. For our clients, they looked to hotels they love in New York and Croatia, Danish design, and buildings that are architecturally artistic and ideal for displaying art. Our part was to take these ideas and actually build them. Every door knob, hinge, material, color, etc. was meticulously researched and crafted. Most of the selections are custom built either by us, or by hired craftsman.

Foto di un ampio bancone bar contemporaneo con pavimento grigio —  Houzz
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michelejjs lo ha aggiunto a Lake House12 luglio 2022

like what I originally had in mind. eclectic

Nick Romero lo ha aggiunto a Nick's ideas1 marzo 2021

I like the lights embedded along the upper walls

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